success party


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released May 1, 2016

rich smith wrote, recorded and mixed
droid daughter mastered
phil co9 hit drums on success party and deli aisle
fred gern played bass on deli aisle



all rights reserved


RUGS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: kinda haunted
i've been distracted by UR gloom
our love, it always smelled like doom
in these skiptrack days
in a slicked back haze
we're married to our beds

smoke-stacks, we're barking at the moon
fortnights, i'll make it something soon
cause U always want
2 kinda haunt
UR buried in my head

she walked like suicide
my mind ran by too fast
i won't go ruining time
tripping over beautiful minds
real lives are harder to see
blood-let me dutifully

all lack and royally stuck up
Track Name: cups up
spill it on the floor
watch it get absorbed
it'll be abhorred
stains upon the floor
sticking to the dark
breaking into parts
it's a naked fact
it's a naked fact
i'm a naked fact
Track Name: success party
there's no more time to analyze-
all experience standardized and
i heard U were 60ft tall..
ignore the call, it barely rings at all

cause U have to take
after all its UR stake in the first place

lite concerns never amount to much
exposed, not crippled but clutching crutches
run as fast as the real unspools
shoot true, shoot rite on thru

cause U have to make
burn UR silhouette into the always

C me waiting at a reference desk
we're all choking on decadence
pulled apart, barely thinking, blinking, lost
but finding it easiest of all

cause U have to file
plug the gaps and squeeze into the margins

Track Name: whichever come first
set aside some time and tried to pull apart some wires to find which lights turned off and what stayed on, i tied a know and picked a flicker out

cause i lost U in the blackout

i heard U were yearning, searching for another sigh
picking thru the rocks an dirt to try to see what lies
i was in the sediment, i settled down 2 high
i was in the sediment, i settled down 2 high

guiding lines hold me down like girders
i don't mind but they scream bloody murder
guiding lines hold me up like girders
i don't mind but they scream bloody murder
Track Name: lovely things
i feel it burning on the inside
U couldn't help me if U tried
twisting an turning spilling over
hoping a feeling would preside
found all the answers of my questions
left in the margins of my notes
in a circular way they all helped to lead me astray

so Y should i keep waiting when i

just want a second with my only
give me a little dividend
talk to me like U never knew me
i'll never mention it again

all of the lovely things seem so ugly with U